Wednesday, January 12, 2011

short update

sorry it has been so long... keegan has gotten so big... he is fully potty trained i am so proud of him... it only took 3 days this time.. he has been really sick with croup but is starting to feel better. my best friend who has been watching him is getting ready to have 3 surgeries and so keegan will be going to mothers day out at our church and then we will have to find someone to watch him on mondays for a few hours but god has a plan for us... i hope that keegan does well at mothers day out.. will update more later.'


Friday, October 1, 2010

2 years ago today

two years ago today on my 28Th birthday we received the call from our adoption agency to ask if they could show our profile book to a birth mom. we prayed about it and agreed for it to be shown then two days later we meet with our birth mom. we were not sure how long it would be until our baby would here. this was an amazing day. our handsome son was born on October 31st 2008. he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i thank you for him every day. i am proud be called his mommy. he is so smart. he is in my lap taking a nap right now and i have to wake him so we can go and get pictures done at 5 because my baby is turning two in 30 days. i love him so much.. thank you god for my baby....


Sunday, September 19, 2010

22 months old

keegan is now 22 months old and i am sad that he will be turning 2 soon but also happy at the same time. he is doing great on potty training as long as we are not at home. if we are home he is like nope never mind. he is cute. for about 6-7 months he has been asking for a sissy. we keep telling him to ask Jesus and everynight before we go to sleep he ask Esus for a baby sister. it is so cute. he is talking so good and just growing up so fast.we have hit the terrible two phase where everything is NO NO but he has also became a huge mommy's boy these past few months. its good and bad because then he does not want to go with anyone but with mommy. for some reason he does not like going to church i am not sure what this is all about. any help from other mommy's. it breaks my heart every sunday when we drive in the parking lot he starts screaming NO NO NO and then he cries for a while. i just dont know what to do. its been busy. he loves to play pick aboo. we went to the fair last night and keegan wanted to see the moomoos the cows. he loves cows, monkeys, and elmo. he is learning his colors and how to count. he is so smart

thats all for now.


Friday, June 18, 2010

to catch up

we have been so busy since keegan's 1st birthday and i cant believe we are only 4 months away from his 2nd birthday./ he has grown so much. he has had tubes put in his ears and was very sick this last winter with his asthma and congestion. we have are on new meds and have not had a breathing treatment in almost 2 months. he is potty training and he is doing great. we were just going here and there and yesterday when he woke up from his nap it was like night and day he has been going on the potty almost everytime since then #1 &2. we are so proud of him. brian is still in school but is should graduate in may 2011 and then once he gets a job and we are settled into our own place we are going to start the process of adopting our second child and we are so excited.. keegan has been such a blessing to our family. he is super smart loves books, elmo, cows and his bubbles... he thinks its funny to try and help daddy mow with his bubble mower. he is 35 inches tall and weighs 30lbs. he is so handsome. i have started a new job and have been there for almost 3 months and i am loving it. i get to work from home 2 days aweek and keegan and i love every minute together. he is a true momma's boy. he still does not care for TV which i am so thankful for. he would rather have a basket ball or any type of ball. we enjoying the summer and watching our baby boy grow up. have a great summer and i will post pics later.


Monday, November 2, 2009


keegan's birthday cake.

keegan after having cake shoved in his face by mommy

keegan before cake in his face

keegan and Meme

Keegan's Monkey!!!!

We had Keegan's 1st birthday party at the moore library. we had so much fun.. Keegan really liked his cake... ( i helped him by putting cake in his face) he just laughed every minute of it. he had icing everywhere but we had fun. he got lots of wonderful toys to play with. here are a few pictures. keegan has blessed us so much we could not even tell you.. oh ya we are totally bottle broke... no more bobbie!!!!! yeah.......... i still can not believe it has been one year. my baby is growing up...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keegan 11 months old

Keegan's pictures for his 1st Birthday.. we took them down town at the Myriad Gardens.. Our wonderful Friend Melicia did them. she did a fantastic job. i still can not believe that it has been almost 1 year. this month is a very exciting month for us. starting with Oct 1st (my birthday) and the day we were called to ask if we had a profile book. i was very hesitant to show because of all the past....i just did not want to get hurt again. we had faith that if this was the baby that God wanted us to have then he would be ours... we called the agency on Oct 2ND i took our profile book to them and they showed it that next day they called and said the birth mom wanted to meet w/us so that Saturday October 4Th 2008 we met with our Birth mom. She is an amazing woman and has lots of courage and she did the biggest selfless thing that a person could do. we thank her everyday in our prayers. we met with her several times before Keegan was to be born. we were not sure of her actual due date but we knew it was in October. i went to doctors appointments with her and was greeted by the nurses very nicely. although we did not like her Dr... (sorry wont give name) he did not believe that a baby should be given up for adoption. well we got our call while at judgement house at our church that she was admitted to the hospital and that they would call once she was closer to delivery. i was a guide so i did not get the call my wonderful husband did. everyone i seen said you need to find your husband.... not telling anymore.... well after the last group which i took through Judgement house i found Brian and he told me the news i about hit the floor.... we called on our way home around 12:00 am and they said go home get some rest we will call you when it s time. well we get home put stuff in the car and just as we went to get in bed the phone rang... she was at 7 and we needed to come... so we went on our way to the hospital when we arrived she was at a 10 not long now... well keegan tried to come before the Dr arrived... this was the best day ever... we had our tiny son in our arms. well Keegan will be one at the end of this month and he is walking, talking and into everything... major climber..... i hope you all have enjoyed our story.. we love you all and thank you for all your prayers....
the Schultz family

Friday, September 4, 2009

keegan 10 months old

keegan has grown up so much since he was born 10 months ago. his smile just makes you smile. he is the perfect baby. he is almost walking he has gotten brave and let go and took off but after about 7-8 steps he stops and give you the look like what am i doing... he weighs 26 lbs 30 inches long. we are excited about his birthday party in october on his birthday. he is a little climber he climbes on everything he can possibly climb on.


schultz family